I’ve been running a 空メール server for a number of years. As one might expect with a rule-based automated email reply system.. once in awhile the thing goes absolutely berserk. Usually I have to flop around the Internet trying to recover the commands I use (and promptly forget) to tame acid-tripping Postfix.

And generally this just boils down to postqueue -p to see what’s flying through and/or stuck in the queue and then postsuper -d ALL to clean it out.

Today, while tidying up, I came across pfqueue, a “console-based tool for handling MTA queues”. Looks great. Promptly tried it out and, surprise, surprise, while it emerges effortlessly on Gentoo, make install fails on my flavor of RedHat.

Need to figure this out. This tool could save me a ton of time.

Default .emacs on Gentoo

Just a quick follow-up to Practicing Safe Emacs. Everyone knows that Gentoo is the greatest distro on the planet, superior in all ways to RedHat. Anyway, in Gentoo it’s possible to create a generic .emacs file for all users. A great way to ensure that everyone is, among other things, practicing safe editing.

To set this up, simply cons the commands you want into


and the config commands will be applied to all users. See the Gentoo Wiki Tip on using this to load Portage-installed Emacs packages.