mod_perl on Gentoo

mod_perl doesn’t play so nice with Gentoo. Perl and, specifically, g-cpan still seem to have problems.

I’ve been scratching my head (read: driving my head into my desk) over the following error:

Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: blah blah blah) at /etc/apache2/modules.d/ line 1.\nBEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /etc/apache2/modules.d/ line 1.\nCompilation failed in require at (eval 2) line 1.\n

Thanks to an obscure post at the bottom of a thread from a couple of years back I was able to fix it with

# perl-cleaner reallyall
# emerge libperl

perl-cleaner appears to be like revdep-rebuild, but Larry Wall style.

Now I can run Apache::ASP.

Thank you crazy Larry Wall people.

The Mystery of Shift Caps Lock

Sheesh. For the last, say, eight years I’ve wondered why Japanese keyboards required one to punch both Shift and Caps Lock to turn caps lock on. And now that I’m on mostly English OS’s these days, I think I know: Caps Lock is (was?) an alternative to the henkan key. Probably before there were Japanese keyboards, there was Caps Lock Henkan. And I guess Alt-` emerged for people who had become accustomed to the having a real henkan key.

Anyway, for anyone else out there suffering through Japanese emails on English windows, here are some useful key combinations:

Alt-Shift: Toggle Input Language
Caps Lock: Henkan (while in Japanese input mode)

And beware of installing both English and Japanese keyboards under the installed default keyboard settings. The keyboard layout will change randomly and drive you bonkers.

WebApp Weirdness

For some odd reason webapp-config didn’t want to upgrade my applications (namely this blog); it kept complaining that I hadn’t installed Apache and didn’t seem to know what Apache2 was.

* Fatal error: Your configuration file sets the server type "Apache"
* Fatal error: but the corresponding package does not seem to be installed!
* Fatal error: Please "emerge >=net-www/apache-1.3" or correct your settings.
* Fatal error(s) - aborting

I finally discovered that manually remerging webapp-config fixes the problem. Not sure why as the list of servers remains the same..

# webapp-config --list-servers

Which leads me to the question, who in Sam Hill is running aolserver on Gentoo?!

Mantis State Plugin

For the longest time now I’ve wanted a view in Mantis that could show me, at a glance, what’s receiving attention and what’s falling through the cracks.

Vincent Debout has recently released an excellent plugin manager for Mantis; so I’ve attempted to whip something up. The Mantis State plugin contains a matrix view listing out issues in left-to-right, top-to-bottom in order of last update. Font size indicates priority. Blinking issues are severe.

Right now this probably works well for smaller projects, but could get difficult to view with a large number of issues. Would be nice if Mantis’ current filtering system could plug into this.


You can see from this sample view that one of our projects has a number of items reported sometime back that are not getting looked at. Oops.

If you’d like to test it out, feel free to download an early alpha version here: Mantis State (2088 downloads )

Includes some simple Japanese localization.

Update: Recieved a request last week to update the broken uninstaller.  Link above updated as of September 2008.