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For the longest time now I’ve wanted a view in Mantis that could show me, at a glance, what’s receiving attention and what’s falling through the cracks.

Vincent Debout has recently released an excellent plugin manager for Mantis; so I’ve attempted to whip something up. The Mantis State plugin contains a matrix view listing out issues in left-to-right, top-to-bottom in order of last update. Font size indicates priority. Blinking issues are severe.

Right now this probably works well for smaller projects, but could get difficult to view with a large number of issues. Would be nice if Mantis’ current filtering system could plug into this.


You can see from this sample view that one of our projects has a number of items reported sometime back that are not getting looked at. Oops.

If you’d like to test it out, feel free to download an early alpha version here: Mantis State (1335 downloads)

Includes some simple Japanese localization.

Update: Recieved a request last week to update the broken uninstaller.  Link above updated as of September 2008.

4 thoughts on “Mantis State Plugin

  1. hello,

    can you point me to some documentation which would help me start with developing a mantis plugin?


  2. The best (and really the only) information is on Vincent’s site: I recommend downloading some of the existing plugins and using those as templates. The Hierarchy plugin is fairly straightforward; in fact, that’s what the Mantis State plugin was based on.

  3. This is an interesting plugin, but there’s a new, and official plugin system for the upcoming Mantis 1.2 – perhaps you’d be interested in porting your plugin to the new framework?

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