Hawking Range Extender and Vista

I’m pretty sure someone else will be searching for an answer to this so I figured I should post.

The Hawking Hi-Gain Wireless-G Range Extender (HWREG1) doesn’t work on Vista unless you upgrade the firmware to version 1.26 available here. (Mine was originally 1.21..)

Don’t bother trying to contact the apparently fictional “24/7 Customer Support”. Upgrading is actually pretty simple:

  1. Identify the IP address that the Range Extender is running on from the setup wizard. (Typically if set manually or possibly .100 if set via DHCP.)
  2. Point your browser to that IP.
  3. Go to “Upgrade”.
  4. Upload the firmware .bin you grabbed from the Hawking site.

It took me a couple of tries to successfully upload the .bin and get the Range Extender to reboot itself. Since then, however, no problems on Vista.

By the way, the Range Extender is a signal repeater that extends the stength of your WiFi signal. I’m using one to pipe signal into the more remote nether regions of our home.

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