One thought on “Highlight Tail for Emacs

  1. This Script can be easily updated to update on fade out on keypresses on time rather than time by adding a removing a few lines. The changes are shown below.

    ~ Line 539:
    (defun highlight-tail-make-new-overlay ()
    “Make new highlight in the current point.”
    (let* ((end-point (point))
    (start-point (1- end-point))
    (point-face-bgcolor-hex nil))
    ;; remove any highlight-tail’s overlays at point
    (let ((overlays-at-start-point (highlight-tail-overlays-at start-point))

    ~ Line 1051:

    (setq highlight-tail-fading-timer
    (if (featurep ‘xemacs) ()()))
    ;(start-itimer “highlight-tail-fade-out-step”
    ; ‘highlight-tail-fade-out-step
    ; highlight-tail-timer
    ; highlight-tail-timer)
    ;(run-at-time nil highlight-tail-timer
    ; ‘highlight-tail-fade-out-step)))
    (setq highlight-tail-defaultbgcolor-timer

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