Ben & Jerry help me figure out where my income tax dollars are going…

Given that I recently learned how I am voluntarily stuffing Uncle Sam’s pocket with income tax dollars each year, I decided to look around and see where exactly that money was going. Believe it or not, I got the answer from Ben & Jerry, the ice cream guys.

It looks like this:


Aha. Over half of the discretionary budget, $463 billion per year, goes to the Pentagon. This so that they can shoot missiles at it and play Wag the Dog and start illegal wars and curtail civil rights and so on. Sweet.

Anyway, looks like Ben Cohen has been working with USAction on, an attempt to impose sanity on the US federal budget with a Common Sense Budget Act. It’s amazing what could be done by redirecting just a fraction of the discretionary budget. Going to keep close tabs on this I think.

Still, it makes me sick to my stomach to think about where the rest of the money is going.

I need some Chunky Monkey.

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