Preliminary Impeachment Hearings Begin

Preliminary impeachment hearings begin this coming Friday, July 25th. Congressman Kucinich has an online petition here. And a video of the hearing is expected to be posted here.

Things we can all do to make sure that this preliminary hearing turns into something more substantial:

  1. Contact every member of the Judiciary and insist that they attend the hearing! The hearing is on a Friday and they usually don’t work on Fridays.  Faxing is absolutely worth a try. If you wish to email them in one fell swoop, do so here.

  2. To leave a comment on voicemail, the Democrats’ House Judiciary Office is 202-225-3951 and the Republicans’ is 202-225-6504.  Remember that NINE House Republicans voted to send Kucinich’s latest impeachment proposal, H.Res.1345 — which stated that Bush had lied to Congress to get authorization for his invasion of Iraq — to the Judiciary Committee: Brady (TX), Gilchrest (MD), Walter Jones (NC), Manzullo (IL), Tim Murphy (PA), Ron Paul (TX), Reichert (WA), Christopher Shays (CT), and Mike Turner (OH)

  3. Call your Representative (Congressional Switchboard: 1-800-828-0498) and urge him/her to call for formal hearings in the Judiciary (preferably to begin prior to the commencement of the August recess 2 weeks after July 25.  Ask him/her to sign Kucinich’s resolutions to impeach Bush (H.Res.1258 and H.Res.1345).  Thus far, Wexler (FL-19), Woolsey (CA-6), Barbara Lee (CA-9), Hinchey (NY-22), Baldwin (WI-02), Farr (CA-17), and Towns (NY-10) have co-sponsored H.Res.1258 and Wexler (FL-19) and Barbara Lee (CA-9) have co-sponsored H.Res.1345.

  4. Send an “official” email to your Representative via Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s impeachment petition.

  5. Contact the mainstream media and insist that they report on the impeachment issue and cover the July 25th hearing.  Write a letter to your local newspaper.  Email and/or call national media outlets.  A list of various media outlets can be found here.

  6. Spread the word.

Good night, and good luck.

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