Some Evidence for Nancy Pelosi

Recently on The View, Nancy Pelosi stated that “if somebody had a crime that the president had committed” (what she later refers to as “the goods”), she might consider impeachment hearings.

Um.  Okay.  Well, here are the goods. Or, at least, the tip of the iceberg:

Vincent Bugliosi, the L.A. attorney who prosecuted Charles Manson in 1970 and recent author of The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, presented documented evidence that Bush Administration officials took the country to war under false pretenses and are therefore, under law, guilty of the deaths of over over 4,000 American soldiers. Not to mention what the war has done to the Iraqis.

On Friday, Mike Barnicle interviewed Ron Suskind, author of The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism, which presents documented evidence that the White House ordered the CIA to “manufacture” evidence connecting Iraq to Al-Queda.

I think its time for Ms. Pelosi and others to stop pretending that Congress’ daily order of business is more important than calling into question the widespread misconduct overarching this highly questionable administration.

At the very least, an illegal war resulting in thousands of deaths and expenditure of trillions of dollars — much of it unaccounted, much of it now in the coffers of businesses directly connected to Bush Administration officials — is an extremely dangerous precedent to let stand.

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