War Corporatism

Last night I finished watching No End In Sight, an eye-opening expose on how the war in Iraq has really been conducted. The film has won accolades at Sundance and from various other organizations. Highly recommended.

And tonight I stumbled across this clip on YouTube:

Succinct, sharp, and an interesting bit of synchronicity. The War Corporatocracy of the United States.

(Oddly the Knife Party video fails to mention Wolfowitz, who seems to be one of the chief architects of what has become neo-con PNAC.

See Hijacking Catastrophe

for an excellent summary of Wolfey’s role.)

I would have to agree with the Knife Party clip though: What was once a cabal of radical thinking within the Republican party has been shifting, for many years, possibly by design, from ideology to economic necessity, and from economic necessity to political policy. Eat your heart out, Orwell.

Now that the most overt members of the cabal are ostensibly out of power (again), what new policies will the corporatocracy be cooking up behind closed doors? How will they re-re-take power, I wonder?

In the meantime, as Wall Street slides ever further into collapse, I am eager to see what the Obama administration does with the neo-con’s deficit-funded military juggernaut. And how, or if, it can depressurize the Middle East vacuum begotten by our years of War Corporatism.

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