For the fear of taxes…

This whole Obama tax misquote propaganda thing is getting out of hand.

As seen on Facebook:

  1. McCain Supporter changes status to “thinks she better run and buy her new ride today before all her money is taken by taxes after tomorrow”
  2. Obama Supporter changes status to “<Obama Supporter> is wondering if the <McCain Supporter> is making over 250k a year, and if so, can he get a bit of the action. Hook a brother up!”
  3. <McCain Supporter> at 1:24pm November 3
    Apparently you don’t watch the news, you only need to make $120K to get screwed now.
  4. <Obama Supporter> at 2:03pm November 3
    Hmmm… haven’t heard that on the stations I watch. Send me a link.
  5. <McCain Supporter> at 2:09pm November 3
    Bill Richardson stumping for Obama
  6. <Obama Supporter> at 2:20pm November 3
    That clip says if you make <120k, you’ll get a tax cut. It does not say that if you make over it, you’ll get a tax increase, which is what I’m assuming you’re referring to. Are you defining getting screwed as not getting a tax cut, or by having your taxes raised?
  7. <McCain Supporter> at 2:24pm November 3
    It’s only a matter of time.

    Moment of Zen

  8. <Obama Supporter> at 2:26pm November 3
    In 5 billion years, the sun will turn into a Red Giant. After a few million years, it will become a White Dwarf. Then, after tens of billions of years, it will burn out. It’s only a matter of time.

The Obama guy was honest enough to follow the McCain-ite’s bulletproof logic through to it’s natural and inevitable conclusion:  If Barack Obama is elected to the Presidency of the United States of America, the sun will cease to shine. He’ll get your money… AND YOUR SUNLIGHT.

Oy vey.  Go Obama.

Coats for Cubs

We’ve been wondering what to do with our mother’s old fur coats.  They hang in the back of the coat closet closet; a poignant reminder of things lost, and left to lose.

Considered giving the furs away to the local Glad Rags, however donating “thrift furs” didn’t really seem to make a lot of sense.  Looking around for alternatives I came across Coats for Cubs, a campaign run by the US Humane Society.

Coats for Cubs repurposes furs into “blankets” for orphaned animals.  According to the C4C site, “The furry blanket becomes a surrogate mother to orphaned animals, reducing stress and giving comfort.”  Over 200 rehabilitators in the US and Canada participate in the program.

See the Coats for Cubs web site for to learn more about the program and how to donate.