The average despression lasts 23 ~ 26 years?

And I’m not talking about that misty-eyed feeling when old Fluffy kicks the bucket. I think we may all want to get comfortable.

The above factoid comes from an interesting essay by Martin Armstrong that has been circling around the Net (find one here: The Coming Great Depression).

Bear in mind when reading, however, that Mr. Armstrong, in addition to being of sharp mind, a frequent contributor to academic journals on the topic of finance, as well as one of the highest paid economists in the 80s and 90s, had spent seven years jailed in contempt before finally pleading guilty in 2007 of what appears to be a Madoff-sized ponzi scheme in Japan.

And be sure to read the comments in response to Cassandra’s post about Marin Amstrong. The rabbit hole goes deep.

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