Replying to the crowdsourced comment spam…

I don’t know where this is coming from, but it started about a month back: (Semi-)Intelligent post comments, highly unlikely to be from a bot, all clearly intended to get people to jump over to “Check City” or “Cyber Gifts” or whatnot. Either this stuff is crowdsourced, or these guys somehow think that my blog is a gateway to a deluge of traffic.

Replying to the comments here.

@cyber gifts: I tested the latest versions as of summer last year. I’m not posting your link.

@eblogger: Yes, the PayPal shopping cart may be a good solution for newbies. I’m not posting your link.

@payday loans: I’m glad you like my Haikus. And I’m glad you like Transformers. And, yes, baby porcupines are very cute. I’m not posting your link.

@payday advance online: Okay, so I just posted your comment, with your link, because it clearly took at least a minute or so to type up. But… c’mon, the Democratic party is the epitome of “can I get some of that action”?? What does this even mean? Note that the Obama plan only called for an in increase in taxes for the 250k plus bracket, not 120k, and the rollback of tax cuts is still less than the Reagan era or even the Papa “read my lips” Bush days. I agree that the loopholes should be eliminated; really I think we should just go for a flat tax. Problem is that this would kill an entire industry that thrives on the ridiculous complexity of the US tax codes.

@penisenlargementz: I am glad that you find this blog informative. And I’m glad that I in some un-small way may have helped you on your purported quest to achieving superlative manhood. No I will not produce more blogs with content related to penis enlargement. And, no, I do not know where you can find more information about this, except maybe on your own site. Speaking of which, the “devices” section on your site is rather disturbing. I am not posting your link.

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