Unable to open web project ‘xyz’…

Okay, so I’m working on project in Visual Basic.NET.  Using Visual Studio 2003.  And it’s really, really bad code.

You there, stop snickering!

Anyway, the point of this post is that, if you see the above error, it probably has to do with a bad path in your .sln file pulled down via SVN or other.  Open it in Notepad and change:

Project("{F184B08F-C81C-45F6-A57F-5ABD9991F28F}") = "IPTV", "http://localhost/somepath/IPTV.vbproj", "{AD96074E-13E6-47B2-8B61-14FCE9EE9377}"
ProjectSection(ProjectDependencies) = postProject

to resemble how you configured IIS.

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