Abstract Classes versus Interfaces

These are two things I think about every once-in-awhile. Usually late at night. While drinking. Heavily.

Also I think about them while writing code. And typically, when I have to make a decision between one or the other, I choose the wrong one. Probably because I’ve never deeply thought about them in an IS-A versus CAN-DO relationship as outlined here.  Which, despite the broken English, is the best overview I’ve ever read on the difference between the two.

A good, free Outlook duplicate email remover..

Following up to my recent post about emails getting sent twice in Outlook, I discovered a nice little free utility to remove (most) of the thousands of duplicate emails I had managed to generate.

ODIR, the Outlook Duplicates Remover from Vaita, adds a convenient de-duper menu item to Outlook.  And it seems to work across all my various IMAP account, Google or otherwise.  I just wish it supported UTF-8.

Recommended for those, who like me, viciously copied themselves twice on all outgoing emails.

PS. To Tee: I did, in fact, find this via bing.  Though, really, you guys should have named it “bong”.

Bong..  Huh huh. Huh.