MySQL practices non-violence… unless you give it a pipe.

Strange but true.  And something that seems to trip me up once every other year or so.

If you use the -e/–execute option while loading a dump, MySQL silently ignores -f/–force.  In other words, MySQL will not execute force.

But if you pass the same data in via a pipe, MySQL will beat the hell out of anything malformed and cram whatever it can into the database.

MySQL:  The Gandhi of databases… unless armed.

Transferring Google Analytics Accounts

If you’re like me, back in the murky past your created a few (or several) Google Analytics accounts to track all manner of web sites and other online shenanigans.  And now you want to consolidate without losing any data.

For some reason Google’s patent reply to this (probably) common interest is to state that transferring account data is not possible.  But actually it’s quite easy.  At least, it’s quite easy once you’ve played around with your various Google accounts for a few hours and finally figured out how administrator assignment works.

To do a “transfer”, all you have to do is:

  1. Create the new Google Account to which you want to transfer control.
  2. Log in as the original Google Analytics Administrator account.
  3. Assign a the new account “Administrator” access.  (Edit -> Users with Access to Profile -> Add User)  Be sure to give this new user the “Administrator” access type.
  4. Login to the new account.
  5. Change the original Administrator account to “User” (don’t forget this step)
  6. Delete the original account.

Easy peasy.

Just note that if you have a bunch of analytics site data all tied together under one profile, then all of it will transfer together.  As far as I can tell, there is no way to uncouple this.  And this is probably what Google is referring to when they say that ownership cannot be transferred.


ack is insanely good and  fast, colorized grep with reasonably formatted output for today’s modern programmer.  If you’re on the command line and need to find needles in your Web 2.0 haystack, ack is like a giant elecro-needle-magnet.