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Everytime I install Cygwin I find myself rooting around for the “more” command. It’s been removed in favor of “less”, however I prefer “more”. It’s more or less (ha! Linux humor!) a simpler pager.

Install the util-linux package for a random collection of older utilities, including “more” and “whereis”.

2 thoughts on “Cygwin More

  1. I usually install util-linux for the shutdown command– I like to run a cronjob at work to check out the latest from SVN and build and shutdown every night around midnight.

    that is, if i could get cron to work on cygwin reliably.

    Cygwin1.7 is great by the way. Been using it for months, and its stable and the Japanese lang support is good. LANG=JA_jp.UTF-8, I think.

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