Why dread the Fed? Audit it!

Chris just implored his corner of Twitterspace to post more blog entries, so here goes.

You know that ponderous-seeming institution that overshadows everyday American life? The one that controls the currency supply by printing as much of the stuff as it possibly can? The one that grows the economy by encouraging the U.S. populace to dig itself into a Mariana Trench of debt? You know.. the Fed. The dreaded Fed.

Well, although Ron Paul’s attempt to audit the Fed was recently derailed by Chris Dodd and his cadre, Senator David Vitter has brought the bill back.

And it appears there will be a vote tomorrow. Dr. Paul is encouraging those who want to see the Fed brought back under some semblance of control to contact their senators with the following three points:

  1. Support a standalone vote on S. 604 (the original Audit the Fed bill)
  2. Oppose the overall Dodd bill
  3. Support the Vitter amendment when the vote comes

In other words: Tell your senator that you would like the Federal government and the Federal Reserve to reveal where our money has been going, what’s been done with it, and how exactly we have managed to arrive at this particular economic precipice.

I guarantee the revelations will be more powerful than a Michael Bay summer blockbuster.

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