All the world needs is just another hundred trillion dollars of debt…

Very interesting interview with Jim Rickards yesterday over at King World News. After glossing over the four-year-old news of Alan Greenspan supporting a gold standard, etc., etc., Jim chimes in on the World Economic Forum’s recent proposal that what the world needs, really, is just another hundred trillion dollars of debt. Digging into the bowsels of the 80+ page document, Jim translates the discussion of “credit” inflation and “enforced accountability” for what it really is: global debt creation, coercive monitoring, and global governance. Should make for some lively seminars at Davos.

Contributors to the proposal, reading like a roll call from the School of Conspiracy, include such upstanding organizations as J.P. Morgan, Shell Oil, Deutschbank, Rothschild and Co., Yale University Bank for International Settlements, The International Monetary Fund, and so on.

On the upside, I suspect we the world can just ask Zimbabwe to spot us.

We’re good for it.

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