Car Lease Negotiation Tips

Using my backup brain here after a long period of inactivity.

Trying to remember how to negotiate three years after you did the last negotiation is a royal pain in the ass.

Key points:

  1. Use the manufacturer’s lease calculator as an upper limit
  2. Search around to find the lowest documented estimated price
  3. Get quotes from dealers with discounts.  Negotiate from there rather than the MSRP.

This basic bit of leg work is likely to save hundreds of dollars.  And remember that paying money up front to bring down monthly payments doesn’t make a lot of sense for a lease.  If you do need to put money down, ask to see the lease contract before handing over your credit card.

Finally, read the lease agreement carefully.  If the gross capitalized cost is significantly lower than the MSRP, then the lease can be considered a “good” deal.

Let’s see how we do three years from now.