If you’ve ever seen Stan Friedman talk about UFO’s, you’ve probably seen his shtick about redacted documents.

For example:

Always loved that.

Well, move over Stan. Apparently the U.S. government has even bigger secrets than aliens.

“But how else would we prevent war?”

Some time back I found myself discussing the fate of the Euro and the European Union with folks from academia-land. I was, and remain, rather confident that what is apparently an ill-conceived political shotgun polygamy will not survive another five years in any significant manner, at least not without some kind of military intervention.  Multiple cultures with their own economies and their own sovereign debt…  And Goldman Sachs lending a helping hand to fund it all. What could go wrong?

Anyway, academia argued the following point:  Only by binding the nations of Europe and “controlling” them with a single currency could humanity be spared another World War.

Which at first sounds reasonable… until we look at what multinational central financial planning has wrought.  Austerity, violent unrest, and talk of civil war.  I suppose convincing what remains of each nation state to commit suicide would prevent a “world” war, sure.

In my opinion, war — any war — is best prevented, not via centralized control, but organically through trends that have been evolving naturally:  Increased travel and improved communication.  Increasing freedom and understanding.  It’s difficult to hate your neighbors, murderously, when you understand them, even dine with them.  And since the second World War, technology has enabled a global renaissance in communication, travel, and as I see it, a trend towards a world of disparate yet harmonious cultures.

So how else would we prevent war?  Allow cultures to communicate.  Give them the freedom to self-actualize.  And stop with the centralized meddling.

Free Evil. Pay Later.

Now is later.


The latest incarnation of the NDAA authorizes, in direct contradiction to the U.S. Constitution, the arbitrary detainment of American citizens, codifying into law unconstitutional precedent initiated a decade ago by the Bush administration. Passage of this NDAA follows quickly on the heals of nationwide “Occupy” protest crackdowns.

If anything, the widespread phenomenon of OWS protests awakened a large part of the country to Washington’s infestation of corrupt global corporatist influence. OWS protesters made no demands, instead opting to peacefully wait out the establishment. I suppose OWS was waiting for justice. Many stood up to mace, batons, and brutality in expectation of a response; some kind of answer.

And the answer received, is the NDAA.

Bill Black’s Real Demands

Excellent. Though I do find it interesting that many folks continue to insist on referring to the Obama administration as “failed”. The appropriate term, as has been apparent for the last year at least, should probably be “complicit”.