Appending fixtures via the propel-load-data task in Symfony 1.0.x

Not sure if this is a little more clear in later releases of Symfony, but in 1.0.x the load-data task, as outlined in the documentation and cookbook, is somewhat vague.

If you’re appending a fixture to an existing database, here’s what you want to do:

$ php symfony propel-load-data <APPLICATION_NAME> [<ENVIRONMENT_NAME>] <FIXTURES_DIR_OR_FILE> append

so usually I do something like this:

$ php symfony propel-load-data frontend data/fixtures/import_data.yml append

I’m actually not sure how ENVIRONMENT_NAME would come in to play.. Either this is a way to select per-environment fixture data (probably), or per-environment databases to which to apply the data.

Save _flymake files in a temporary directory

This has been bugging me for awhile. Recent versions of Emacs save _flymake files “inplace”, meaning in the same directory as the source file. Problem is, Flymake has a tendency to crash, leaving behind the corpses of various _flymake files, which in turn cause version control annoyances, automated build issues, unusual problems with caching in web frameworks, etc.

There’s an obscure FlymakeRuby entry on the EmacsWiki with a suggested fix, repeated here:

Add this to lisp/progmodes/flymake.el in your Emacs distro, and then call it from the init method corresponding to your target language. PHP, for example:

Note that 'flymake-create-temp-inplace has been replaced with 'flymake-create-temp-intemp. Be sure to remove or recompile the corresponding flymake.elc file.

Now _flymake junk will be saved to where you have defined temporary-file-directory in .emacs. In my case:

(setq temporary-file-directory "~/.emacs.d/tmp/")

Yay. Much less annoying.