Open Windows Explorer to the current working directory from Cygwin

You’re sweating away deep in the bowels of some framework when suddenly you realize: “Wow, I actually kind of need to use Windows Explorer here.”

Thus begins a frantic thirty seconds of double clicking through layers of folders.

Rob has an awesome little bash shell script that will open Windows Explorer to whatever directory in which you happen to be.

I’ve named it “explore”. So now if I need to pop a gui while thirty levels deep in an app, I just issue a simple $ explore command.

Remote Desktop over SSH

For a simple and free (and fairly standard!) way to secure your remote desktop sessions — and without having to figure out the crazy, proprietary Microsoft security stuff — take a look at copSSH. copSSH uses a streamlined Cygwin client to setup an SSH sever on your Windows box.

I’ve recently been using copSSH and PuTTY‘s Pageant authentication agent to tunnel RDP through PuTTY/copSSH SSH connections. Works like a charm.

One gotcha: copSSH doesn’t clean-up after itself well. Consider running taskkill from time-to-time.

C:\WINDOWS\Taskkill /F /IM bash.exe /T

Or if you prefer bashing:

$ kill -9 ps | grep ^I.*bash$ | cut -c2-9

Accrue more than 64 zombied PTYs and you’ll find yourself locked out of the server.