Cape Wind Flies

Ira Flatow had an excellent interview this last Science Friday with Cape Wind‘s Jim Gordon and Denise Bode of the American Wind Energy Association. Cape Wind finally has the go-ahead to complete America’s first offshore wind farm on Nantucket sound.

Here’s the interview:

Cape Wind Project Moves Forward

Be sure to listen to the callers. Having just learned about the escalating disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, I couldn’t help but come away from the interview with a feeling that the show had been professionally “hit” by the oil lobby. Or maybe it was disinformation orchestrated by the Institute for Energy Research of which Denise warns. Or perhaps those were actual angry NIMBY Cape residents pretending to have more noble concerns.

Either way, I wasn’t buying it. Jim deflected the arguments with the nonchalance of over-learned routine.

Congrats to Cape Wind.