Make a cool $300,000 if you can prove that you must pay income tax.

If you’re an American that is.

I was doing some year-end tax research (I got an extension), and came across this interesting challenge by the Freedom Law School.

According to the challenge:

  1. Unless proven otherwise, there is no known statute that dictates US citizens are responsible to pay an income tax; individuals only become liable when they voluntarily file a tax return.
  2. Moreover, if there were such a statute, it would be in violation of the 5th Amendment as admission of one’s income could be self-incriminating.
  3. While the 16th Amendment supposedly grants Congress the right to levy income tax, it was never properly ratified.

In short:

The IRS, under the United States Constitution, cannot legally require information on 1040 returns from individuals. This is the reason the IRS continually refers to the income tax as “voluntary.”

So, if you can disprove the three points above, Freedom Law School will send you a fat check to help you pay off your taxes.

Or, maybe you can just keep quiet so you won’t have to pay those taxes in the first place.

Note to IRS:  Not me of course.  Haha.  No, I actually quite enjoy filling out these forms and staring vacantly at the wall as I wonder how to make ends meet in the coming recession.  Aha.  Yessir, nothing better.  Ha ha.  Ha.