More tail Tails

Thanks to the little Cygwin setup/upgrade app, I periodically come across useful new utilities.  For example, even though I’ve only been playing with these two for a couple of days, I’m already wondering how I ever did without them.


multitail renders multiple tail logs in an ncurses-formatted window. Perfect for monitoring access and error logs at the same time.  Much better than interleaving multiple logs with tail.  Now I don’t have to squint through output in an attempt to figure out which data is from which log.


since is tail with a memory. Whereas tail displays the last 10 lines (or whatever value you define with -n/--lines) of a file, since starts from where you left off the last time you ran it. This is an excellent tool for when you you’re toggling between watching a log, tweaking configuration parameters, and then returning to log monitoring.

Going to have to upgrade Cygwin more often.