Vitamin D More Effective than Flu Vaccines

Here’s some good news: A clinical trial led by Mitsuyoshi Urashima and conducted by the Division of Molecular Epidemiology in the the Department of Pediatrics at the Jikei University School of Medicine Minato-ku, Tokyo found that vitamin D was extremely effective at halting influenza infections in children. The report, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, follows up on a hypothesis posed over three years ago that deficiencies in the “sunshine vitamin” may leave those deficient susceptible to infections, and this includes the flu.

Ironically, most people in the developed world are chronically deficient. Which isn’t surprising given lifestyle and constant fear marketing about how the sun is out to get us.

So forget about the big pharma vaccines, get some sun and drink your milk, raw if you’ve got it. And remember, when it comes to flu vaccines and “herd immunity,” really it’s a herd of lemmings that big pharma is after..

A Sickening Gift

Loved the lead article from Dr. William Campbell Douglass this week. An example of corporatism at it’s very worst.

It’s the kind of gift I wouldn’t give my worst enemies: A flu-shot gift card.

Drug-store chain Walgreens is running radio ads for these things, an ugly reminder that there are only so many more shopping days left until that panic-filled time of year known as flu season.

For just $30, you can doom a loved one to an unnecessary and dangerous experiment — especially since the upcoming seasonal shot will incorporate the unproven and poorly tested swine flu vaccine that had people falling over, dropping dead and coming down with all kinds of illnesses and nerve disorders over the past year. (Read more here.)

I dropped in on a Walgreens to see what this thing looked like. It has a big red heart on it, implying that a flu shot is either good for your heart (it’s not) or that whoever’s giving the card loves you.

But if you really love someone, give them the gift of truth — tell them to stay away from these vaccines and practice good hygiene and common sense instead.

A gift that keeps on giving.

Please don’t pay big pharma for the privilege of testing unproven, experimental concoctions on you or your loved ones.